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Purana Sikka Kahan Bechain, पुराने नोट बेचने की वेबसाइट

Purana Sikka Kahan Bechain, Value of 1 Rupee Coin of 1977, Online Sites for Selling, Terms & Conditions of Selling

Purana Sikka Kahan Bechain: If you are also fond of collecting old coins and currency notes, this news is for your use. And these old coins and currency notes can make you rich. There are many such platforms online where you can earn thousands of rupees by selling old coins of one and two rupees and currency notes of one, two and five rupees at high prices, which have gone out of trend in the market.

Mudrashastras (old coin and medal collectors) and notafilists (currency note collectors) are looking for rare coins and notes. So if you also have such coins or notes lying with you. Then it’s time for you to earn money by selling them.

In Hindi:

Purana Sikka Kahan Bechain: अगर आप भी पुराने सिक्के और करेंसी नोट जमा करने के शौकीन हैं तो यह खबर आपके काम की है। और ये पुराने सिक्के और करेंसी नोट आपको अमीर बना सकते हैं। ऑनलाइन ऐसे कई प्लेटफॉर्म हैं जहां आप एक और दो रुपये के पुराने सिक्के और एक, दो और पांच रुपये के करेंसी नोटों को ऊंचे दामों पर बेचकर हजारों रुपये कमा सकते हैं, जो बाजार में चलन से बाहर हो गए हैं।

मुद्राशास्त्र (पुराने सिक्के और पदक संग्राहक) और नोटाफिलिस्ट (मुद्रा नोट संग्राहक) दुर्लभ सिक्कों और नोटों की तलाश में हैं। तो अगर आपके पास भी ऐसे सिक्के या नोट पड़े हैं। फिर आपके लिए उन्हें बेचकर पैसा कमाने का समय आ गया है।

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One rupee coin of 1977 can give Rs 45,000

One rupee coin from 1977, 1978 or 1979 can fetch you up to Rs 45,000. However, the condition is that it should be signed by Hirubhai M Patel, the then Principal Secretary of the Finance Ministry. Hirubhai M Patel was working in this post during the tenure of former Prime Minister Morarji Desai. At the same time, a 10 rupee coin with the picture of Mata Vaishno Devi is also in great demand online.

You can sell a hundred rupee note with the signature of former RBI governor D Subbarao and number series 000 786 online for Rs 1,999. Also, ten coins of five rupees, taken out in honour of ONGC, are being bought for 200 rupees.

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You can sell online on these websites

There are many such websites available online where you can sell your old and rare coins and notes. Out of these, CoinBazzar, Indiamart and Quikr are some of the major websites. There is a lot of demand on CoinBazzar for the ten rupee note issued in 1943 i.e. British Raj. And the note bears the signature of the then RBI Governor CD Deshmukh. Also, it has an Ashoka Pillar on one side and a picture of a boat on the other. And you can get up to Rs 25,000 for this.

On the other hand, if you have a rare silver coin of 25 paise, then for this you can get up to Rs 1.5 lakh on IndiaMART.com. On Quikr, buyers are ready to pay up to Rs 1.5 lakh for 1862 Queen Victoria coins. Out of these, one rupee silver coin has been kept in the category of rare coins.

After you register on all these websites, you can enter all the information about which coins you have, and at what price you want to sell them.

Old Coins
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Terms and conditions for selling coins

Before selling any old coin and note, you have to first register online on the website. Let us know that to sell your coin on the site, you will also have to make some payments and distribution. For which an advertisement of your coin will be prepared and then it will be sold in the market. Please read all the terms and conditions of the site carefully and in detail. So that you do not face any problems in future. However, before buying the coin, the customer and the owner of the coin are negotiated.

Sell old coins like this

Before selling the coin, you have to take a photo of it and then you have to upload it correctly on the online sites. After this, the site will prepare an advertisement of your coin itself and prepare it for sale in the market. Then the buyer himself will contact you to buy the coin or the site can also bid for the coin.

In this, the person who gives more money for the coin is sold that coin. If you also have such coins, then register for them on online sites today and earn lakhs of rupees. To sell old coins follow the steps given below-

  • Log on to the specific website
  • Register yourself as a seller
  • Upload a clear picture of the note/coin you want to sell.
  • Write your location along with the details.
  • State your price.
  • Interested people will contact you. You can interact with them and sell the coin.
Old coins

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Convert old 2 rupee coins, and 5 rupee notes into lakhs, know the process here

If you are fond of collecting old coins and notes then you have a good chance to earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home.

So earlier people used to spend thousands of rupees by selling old coins and notes but these days you can earn up to 5 lakh rupees by changing old coins and notes. The coin can be of Rs 1, 2 and the note can be of Rs 5, or Rs 10.

And some people are fond of collecting old coins or currency notes. The hobby of collecting coins is called numismatics and the study and collection of currency notes are called notaphily. People who love to collect coins and notes do not mind spending a good amount on rare notes and coins.

Some old coins and notes are now sold/auctioned on many online platforms like OLX, Quikr, eBay, IndiaMart, and Coinbazaar.

Many online Sites such as IndiaMart, Coinbazaar and Quikr are only for the Indian market, while Olx and eBay have an international audience as well.

As we know that the Indian government stops the use of coins and notes at regular intervals and that’s why people spend a good amount of money buying old notes and coins.

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Some coins and notes which are in high demand are:

  • 5 rupee note in which there is a photo of a farmer driving a tractor with 786 prints on it.
  • 25 paise coins
  • 2 rupee coins circulated by RBI in 1994, 1995, 1997 or 2000 – 2
  • Rupee old coins that were issued in 1984
  • 1 rupee coins of the British era printed in 1885

It should be noted that coins and notes are valuable only if they have certain properties like a special serial number or limited edition coin/note or a special combination of the serial number, image and signer of the note.

Purana Sikka Kahan Bechain

FAQs on Purana Sikka Kahan Bechain

Is it a crime to sell old coins?

One of the agents told Citi Express, “You can always contact us and I can get your coins in lakhs too.” Nothing can sound sweet to any small-business owner except that the entire transaction is prohibited. Selling currency for profit is an offence as per the Indian Coinage Act, 2011.

Is it safe to sell old coins online?

There is absolutely no confirmation about the legality of the sale of old coins in India, but as long as you don’t indulge in fraudulent activities like charging a commission on behalf of government officials like RBI, you should be fine for it.

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Will the bank buy my coins?

Consumers can convert their coins into cash at banks, giving them their full value. Banks do not charge their customers any fees for depositing coins, but many require the coins to be rolled into wrappers.

Does RBI buy old coins?

The RBI cautioned the general public to “not fall prey to fictitious offers to buy/sell old notes and coins”, saying that the central bank does not deal with such matters, and “will never charge any fee/commission”. doesn’t demand.”

Can I deposit coins at an ATM?

Most ATMs do not take coins. If you want to deposit coins, you’ll need to go into a branch and deposit them with a teller.

Can you exchange coins at the post office?

A spokesperson for the post office said: “Post offices are not required to exchange notes for coins for customers, however, branches may do so at their discretion. A branch may be reluctant to provide change as they ensure. Wish they had enough. Till their own.

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