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Indian Coin Mill Whatsapp Number, Beware of Fake Currency Buyers, FAQs…

Indian Coin Mill Whatsapp Number: Indian Coin Mill is a free platform that provides you with information about old currency. We always keep informing you about the things which are important in currency collection, like telling you how to collect or preserve the old currency and the actual value of your old coins and notes also we keep informing you about the latest coin exhibition happening in India where you can meet new coin collectors and dealers who are selling and buying them from years and having good knowledge about these coins and notes which are actually valuable.

In Hindi:

इंडियन कॉइन मिल एक फ्री प्लेटफॉर्म है जो आपको पुरानी करेंसी के बारे में जानकारी प्रदान करता है। हम आपको हमेशा उन चीजों के बारे में सूचित करते रहते हैं जो मुद्रा संग्रह में महत्वपूर्ण हैं, जैसे आपको पुरानी मुद्रा को कैसे एकत्र या संरक्षित करना है और आपके पुराने सिक्कों और नोटों का वास्तविक मूल्य भी हम आपको भारत में होने वाली नवीनतम सिक्का प्रदर्शनी के बारे में सूचित करते रहते हैं जहां आप नए सिक्का संग्राहकों और डीलरों से मिल सकते हैं जो वर्षों से उन्हें बेच रहे हैं और खरीद रहे हैं और इन सिक्कों और नोटों के बारे में अच्छी जानकारी रखते हैं जो वास्तव में मूल्यवान हैं।

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About Indian Coin Mill is a 100% free platform where you can post ads of your old currency coins and notes and if another collector will be interested he can contact you by mail. Indian coin mill is just a classified platform like OLX or Quikr. Indian Coin Mill doesn’t Buy or Sell any type of old currency directly or indirectly. We just give you a platform to show your collection to others and post them as a selling ad which is 100% free of cost and we never asked any charges or fees for that, so always remember that if anyone contacts you, that person will be an individual person who is interested in buying your coins or notes and that person may also be a cheater or scammer asking you registration fees or transaction charge for buying your coins or notes.

So never believe any person who takes our name Indian coin mill to buy or sell your old coins or notes, we never call or message anyone or deal in anything. The buyers are individual persons who are watching the ads which you posted so be aware of cheaters.

Contact Details of Indian Coin Mill

Mobile Number of Indian Coin MillContact Us
Office Number of Indian Coin MillContact Us
Whatsapp Number of Indian Coin MillContact Us
Contact Details of Indian Coin Mill

Beware of Fake Currency Buyers

If you really want to sell your old coins and notes then you need to stop commenting on your number on social media that will be a big mistake. Most of the scammers do scam through your mobile number on social platforms, they will call or message you as a buyer Or ask you to contact them to their numbers and will agree to give a high amount of money for any common coin than they will ask you to pay a small number of fees like registration charge or transaction fees. Stop doing this, never post your mobile no. Social media like Youtube or Facebook.
Also never give money to anyone for selling your old currency. A real buyer or coin collector will never ask for any money. Before you sell your coins and notes you need to understand that all coins and notes are not valuable. Don’t believe in any social media post or YouTube video that told you a high price of any common currency, do proper research. These days even bigger news media portals also spreading fake news so be aware and don’t believe anything on the internet.

Indian Coin Mill Whatsapp Number
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How to Know the real value of the rare currency

If you want to know the real value of your old coins and notes you can follow our YouTube channel Indian Coin Mill as well as our blogs where we provide 100% real information about your old currency. Another side you can buy two books listed below the “Indian Paper Money Guide Book” and “Indian Coinage” which will be covered most of the common Indian coins and notes with their estimated values. You can buy these books from any bookstall in currency exhibitions

How to Sell Rare Currency

If you are really interested in Selling old coins & notes 1st you need to know which currency is rare that can give you a decent amount. Some of you collecting old coins & notes just to sell them without knowing their real value. If you really want to sell old coins & notes collect some rare Currency first.

List of some rare coins

  • 1 Rupee 1982 (6 gram) Bombay Mint – Price UNC ₹40,000, Fine To Extra fine ₹20,000 to ₹25,000
  • 1 Rupee 1991 (6 gram) Noida Mint – Price UNC ₹30,000, Fine To Extra fine ₹10,000 to ₹15,000
  • 1 Rupee 1970 Bombay Mint – Price UNC ₹7,000, Fine To Extra fine ₹4,000 to ₹5,000
  • 50 Paise 1957 Bombay Mint – Price UNC ₹60,000, Fine To Extra fine ₹20,000 to ₹30,000
  • 50 Paise 1959 Bombay Mint – Price UNC ₹60,000, Fine To Extra fine ₹20,000 to ₹30,000
  • 25 Paise 1980 Bombay Mint – Price UNC ₹40,000 (approx.), Fine To Extra fine ₹20,000 to ₹30,000
  • 1 Rupee 1985 Hyderabad Mint (अन्तरॉष्ट्रीय युवा वर्ष) – Price UNC ₹50,000, Fine To Extra fine ₹15,000 to ₹25,000
  • If you got any of these coins you can high value.
Indian Coin Mill Whatsapp Number

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Currencies that are Viral On Social Media (Not Valuable)

  • 5 Rupees & 10 Rs Mata Vishno Devi Coin – Price UNC ₹15
  • 1 Rupee 1985 H Mark Coin in Copper Nickel – Price UNC ₹15
  • 5 Rupees Indira Gandhi Coin – Price UNC ₹50
  • 25 Paise Raino 1993 (rare) – Max Price UNC ₹4000 other Years Coin ₹5 to ₹100 Max
  • 5 Rupees tractor note Amitabh Ghosh sign – Max Price UNC ₹400 other common sign ₹5 to ₹100 Max

Now Let’s Talk about how you will Sell if you got any rare coins. For Selling or Buying the best place is coin Exhibitions where you can find buyers or Sellers. You can also find currency buyers near your area many people will be interested in your coins and notes if got any rare once

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FAQs on Indian Coin Mill Whatsapp Number

Is Indian coin mill com real?

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We provide you with 100% real and genuine information about rare coins and notes after doing deep research. You will get only real and trustable information from the Indian coin mill website or our youtube channel.

Is collecting coins illegal in India?

No there is no crime to keep antique coins in India. You need to take permission but as per the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, of 1972′ deals with Antiques. 2. As per this act any manuscript, coin, sculpture, painting etc which dates back to 100 years and above is an antique.

Indian Coin Mill

Does RBI buy old coins?

Cautioning the general public “not to fall prey to fictitious offers of buying/ selling of old banknotes and coins,” the RBI said the central bank does not deal in such matters, and “never seeks charges/ commissions of any sort.”

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Is selling old coins a crime?

“You can always approach us and I can get your coins even for lakhs,” one of the agents told City Express. Nothing could sound sweeter to any small-business owner, except the whole transaction is prohibited. According to the Indian Coinage Act, 2011, selling currency for profit is an offence.

Is it safe to sell old coins online?

There isn’t exactly any confirmation regarding the legality of selling old coins in India but as long as you don’t indulge in any fraudulent activities like charging commissions on behalf of government authorities like the RBI, you should be fine with it.

Do we need a license to sell coins in India?

The Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 days only licence holders can sell these items. Only the central government is authorised to sell these items. A person who wants to sell has to apply to the concerned department and get the licence. You get the coin Scrutinised by an expert in the field of antiquities

How can I sell my old Indian coins?

In India, collectors of old notes and coins can sell their collectable currencies on online classifieds platforms such as Oldcoinsellingbazaar, Olx, Quikr, and Indian Coin Mill, among others. On such platforms, you will have to create your account by entering details such as name, email ID, and phone number.

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