www Coinbazzar com India, About Old 5 Rupees Note, How to find the value of the old coin, How to sell online, FAQs

www Coinbazzar com India, About Old 5 Rupees Note, How to find the value of the old coin, How to sell online, FAQs

www Coinbazzar com India: Coinbazzar is India Best Numismatic App. Where you can buy and sell Coins, Bank Notes, Medals, and any Numismatic-related items also any antique items you have for sale. Tools Available for Selling. +Register as Seller. First, you need to visit the website of CoinBazzar. Create an account by furnishing your details like name, e-mail id and complete address. Then, you can then start selling the coins or notes on the website. You will have to put out the coin or note and the price you expect against it.

In Hindi:

Coinbazzar इंडिया बेस्ट न्यूमिज़माटिक ऐप है। जहां आप सिक्के, बैंक नोट, मेडल, और कोई भी न्यूमिस्मैटिक-संबंधित आइटम खरीद और बेच सकते हैं, साथ ही आपके पास बिक्री के लिए कोई भी प्राचीन वस्तु है। बिक्री के लिए उपलब्ध उपकरण। +विक्रेता के रूप में पंजीकरण करें। सबसे पहले आपको CoinBazar की वेबसाइट पर जाना होगा। अपना विवरण जैसे नाम, ई-मेल आईडी और पूरा पता प्रस्तुत करके एक खाता बनाएं। फिर, आप वेबसाइट पर सिक्के या नोट बेचना शुरू कर सकते हैं। आपको सिक्का या नोट और उसके मुकाबले आप जिस कीमत की उम्मीद करते हैं, उसे बाहर रखना होगा।

How to download Coinbazzar

CoinBazaar is a popular app to buy and sell precious metal coins on the platform. The platform was founded in October 2012 and is available on Google Play Store for Android users besides the web portal. On numerous festivals and other occasions, Indians purchase gold and silver coins for investment and gifting. Every household saves gold and silver for future needs and uncertainty. The CoinBazaar App offers all Indians the biggest selection of precious coins at LIVE rates. Here is how to download the Coinbazaar app.

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Steps for CoinBazaar download on Google Play Store

  • On your device, open Google Play Store Google Play or visit the Google Play store on a web browser.
  • Search or browse for the Coin Bazaar app.
  • Select the app from the list.
  • Select Install.

Sell old notes on CoinBazzar

CoinBazzar has a variety of coins and notes that users can choose from to buy or sell. The various categories include ANCIENT COINS, Mughal Coins, Medals, ERROR OR MISPRINTS NOTES, Stamps and more.

How to sell old coins on CoinBazaar?

  • Provide a daily selling price to CoinBazaar.
  • On CoinBazzar, always keep a stock of the displayed products.
  • Orders are sent to CoinBazzar on time.
  • Provide certified packaging for the coins or products you’re selling.
  • Any complaint or issue with quality or purity will be the seller’s or brand’s responsibility.
www Coinbazzar com India
How to sell coins (www Coinbazzar com India)
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Sell old Coins

Sell Your Old and Get the best rate. Get the best out of your old coins and notes. Yes, you can sell your old items online but not at an unrealistic price. It’s not possible to get a 1Lacs rupee for a note. So kindly put only a realistic price. Otherwise, your post may be removed from this website. Kindly grab knowledge about this field of coins and note if you want to succeed in this field. This Platform is launched because you are demanding a lot for selling your antique items so that is why we launched this new platform only for you seller. Kindly Signup as a seller and then list your item online. also, it’s now only one-time work you have to continuously learn about coins and notes and learn about their details and accurate prices.
We are very excited about your new journey. But kindly please don’t accept a lot of money for single coins and notes. You can definitely make 1 lacs per month but for that, you have to study a lot for this field and we can help you in becoming a successful seller.

Buyer Contact Number

You don’t have to worry about the buyer’s contact number because you have to sell your old coin online. While selling online you have to just post your coins online and just relax and wait for your order and once you got your order just dispatch it.

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Old Coin Genuine Buyer

All buyers are Genuine old coin buyers because they already paid before you dispatch your order. That is why selling online is the best way to sell your old coins and notes. So go to The Collectors Point website and sell your old coin and make a ton of money.

About Old 5 Rupees Note

If you are a numismatist and have a huge collection of old INR 5 notes then you can win up to ₹30,000 without any fuss. However, the ₹5 old note can help you win ₹30,000 if your currency note has a picture of a tractor on it. A web portal called coinbazzar is reportedly offering such deals on its platform.

According to media reports, if you own coins in the denomination of ₹10 with Mata Vaishno Devi engraved on them, you can earn lakhs of rupees by putting them up for auction.

Besides, if someone possesses an old Re 1 note dating back to the years 1977-1979 can win up to ₹45,000. However, the only catch is that the old one rupee note should have the signature of the former principal secretary, ministry of finance, Hirubhai M Patel, who served his tenure from 1977-1979 under Prime Minister Morarji Desai.

Old 5 Rupees Note (www Coinbazzar com India)
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Description of selling old currencies online

An individual has to create an account on the coinbazzar website by adding details like name, email and address to win the amount. Put out your coin for auction and the person who will put in maximum bidding will take the coin.

Further, another web portal called IndiaMART is offering similar deals. If someone possesses an old 25 paise coin, can win up to ₹1.5 lakh in return. The only catch is that the colour of your 25-paisa coin should be silver.
If someone has a 25-paisa silver coin then all you have to do is click the photo and upload the photo on IndiaMART where people take part in the auction. IndiaMART is an e-commerce marketplaces.

www Coinbazzar com India
How to check the value of coins (www Coinbazzar com India)

How to Find The Value Of Old Coins

Coin collecting is a fun hobby, but collectors naturally want to know the value of their coins. This can be out of curiosity, or because they are interested in coins for investment purposes. Whatever your reason for collecting, start by figuring out exactly what type of coin you have, as well as its condition. You can then reference this information against online and print value lists. If you want to get an accurate value for your specific coin(s), work with a numismatics organization and a professional appraiser.

  • Doing Research
    • Pin down the coin’s origin and date.
    • Inspect the coin to determine its condition.
    • Check coin value lists online.
    • Consult a coin value book.
    • Account for any special factors.
  • Working with an Appraiser
    • Join a numismatics group.
    • Have your coin officially appraised
    • Go to a numismatics trade show.

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FAQs on www Coinazzar com India

What is the coin Bazaar website?

It is India’s No.1 Platform to buy Gold Coins and Silver Coins Online at Lowest Price and Live Rates Today in India.

How do I sell my old Rs 5 note on Coinbazzar?

  • If you have Rs 5 notes with these features then you can sell them online on coinbazzar.com.
  • Register yourself as a seller.
  • Upload the picture of your note on the platform.
  • An interested buyer will contact you after seeing your advertisement.

What is the price of 786 notes?

Those who have a 786-digit currency note can get up to Rs 3 lakh (approx) in one bid of the note. Exchanging currency notes with special serial numbers can fetch you lakhs of rupees.

www Coinbazzar com India
Note with 786 (www Coinbazzar com India)

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How do I find the value of old coins?

Professional coin appraisers can give you the most accurate, up-to-date value of your coin. They will base their appraisal on their expert opinion of the coin’s condition. They’ll also take into account what similar coins have been selling for lately.

Does RBI buy old coins?

Cautioning the general public “not to fall prey to fictitious offers of buying/ selling of old banknotes and coins,” the RBI said the central bank does not deal in such matters, and “never seeks charges/ commissions of any sort.”

Can I sell my coins to the bank?

Do Banks Buy Old Coins? For the money, consumers can turn in their coins to a bank so that they can be fully valued. In the United States, banks do not charge a fee to their customers when they deposit coins, but many other countries mandate that coins are rolled in packages.