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www Oldcoinsellingbazaar com coins: Your assortment of antique coins should be unsatisfying to you, and you are undoubtedly proud of your possession. However, occasionally leaving something or the other can benefit your pocket. However, the big question is, will you recognize the World Health Organization that you need to sell your coins and therefore how much will you get in return? In the end, finding an honest, sure-footed customer is just the beginning. So we have a face-to-face solution here to help. Old style, we’re ready to make your strategy of professionalism simple and super easy with ease. Then we tend to provide you with the simplest recommendation. So if you are trying to sell your Back Coin assortment, Back Coin can buy everything you want.

In Hindi:

प्राचीन सिक्कों का आपका वर्गीकरण आपके लिए असंतोषजनक होना चाहिए, और आपको निस्संदेह अपने कब्जे पर गर्व है। हालांकि, कभी-कभी कुछ न कुछ छोड़ने से आपकी जेब को फायदा हो सकता है। हालाँकि, बड़ा सवाल यह है कि क्या आप विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन को पहचानेंगे कि आपको अपने सिक्के बेचने की ज़रूरत है और इसलिए बदले में आपको कितना मिलेगा? अंत में, एक ईमानदार, पक्का ग्राहक ढूँढ़ना तो बस शुरुआत है। मदद करने के लिए हमारे पास यहां आमने-सामने समाधान है। पुरानी शैली, हम आपकी व्यावसायिकता की रणनीति को सरल और आसानी से सुपर आसान बनाने के लिए तैयार हैं। हम आपको सबसे सरल अनुशंसा प्रदान करते हैं। इसलिए यदि आप अपने बैक कॉइन वर्गीकरण को बेचने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं, तो बैक कॉइन वह सब कुछ खरीद सकता है जो आप चाहते हैं।

From Box to Bank in Just 3 Steps

Apply to sell

Registered Yourself on our website for free and Apply to sell your old coin collection without any hassle.

  • Submit Online
  • Approved
  • Prepare Package
  • Ship it

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Collect or Drop

A Person will come to your door to collect your old coin collection you are willing to sell.

Get Paid

And Get the most price in return for your antique coin collection, Just Like That.

www Oldcoinsellingbazaar com coins
www Oldcoinsellingbazaar com coins

Coinbazaar App Download On Google Play Store & How To Sell Old Notes And Coins

CoinBazaar is a popular app to buy and sell precious metal coins on the platform. The platform was founded in October 2012 and is available on Google Play Store for Android users besides the web portal. Indians purchase gold and silver coins for investment and gifting at numerous festivals and other occasions. Hence every household saves gold and silver for future needs and uncertainty. The CoinBazaar App offers all Indians the biggest selection of precious coins at LIVE rates. Here is how to download the Coinbazaar app.

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Steps for CoinBazaar download on Google Play Store

  • On your device, open Google Play Store Google Play or visit the Google Play store on a web browser.
  • Search or browse for the Coin Bazaar app.
  • Select the app from the list.
  • Then select Install.

How to sell old coins on CoinBazaar?

  • Provide a daily selling price to CoinBazaar.
  • On CoinBazaar, always keep a stock of the displayed products.
  • Orders are sent to CoinBazaar on time.
  • Provide certified packaging for the coins or products you’re selling.
  • Any complaint or issue with quality or purity will be the seller’s or brand’s responsibility.

About CoinBazaar

As mentioned on the official website, in the field of numismatics, Coinbazzar.com is India’s leading company. Their journey began on March 23, 2015, when the website Coinbazzar.com went live for the first time on the internet. The company was registered as a Private Limited Company in 2020. Numismatic Coin Collections Private Limited is Coinbazzar’s registered name. Coinbazzar’s mission is to make collecting simple and affordable while ensuring that all items are authentic.

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Old coins: How to sell old notes and coins in India online

Old coins or currency, which you may have been keeping as collectables, could be worth a fortune. There is a market out there that is interested in paying lakhs of rupees for these coins whose legal value could be much much less. So if you have been sitting on top of these notes and coins, you would be surprised to know that you can sell them in India online as well. Not sure how, we are here to help. Below is a list of many methods one can use to sell old notes and coins in India online and earn a great deal of money.

Old Coins & Notes

How much can you earn by selling old notes and coins in India?

One can certainly fetch a good amount of money by selling old coins and notes in India. 25 paise and 50 paise coins, which have been demonetised, were available to buy for as much as Rs 1.5 lakh in the country last year. There are people who are more than interested in shelling out thousands and lakhs of rupees on such banned currencies for collection purposes. You just need to approach them directly by listing your old coins or notes on certain online platforms.

Which old coins are available for sale in India?

10 paisa coins, released between 1957 to 1963. These were the first coins released in republic India. The old coins were made of copper-nickel metal that weighs about 5 grams and has a diameter of 23 mm. Ashoka pillar was inscribed and India and Bharat were written on one side, while the other side has 10 Naye paise written in Devnagri script with “Rupaye ka dasvan bhag” minted on it. So the year of minting is inscribed at the bottom of the coin along with the mintmark. If media reports are anything to go by, these 10 paisa old coins can fetch you around Rs 1000 online.

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How to sell old coins in India Coinbazaar

Coinbazaar is a website dedicated to buying and selling antique items such as medals, ancient currencies and old coins & notes as well. Here’s how to get registered and make a listing for your own coins.

  • Head over to the official site here
  • Then click on “store manager” in the top right corner
  • To register, enter your email ID and a password
  • Hit “register”
  • So now you can start listing the old coins by uploading pictures, details and price

How to value the old coins

  • Identify the coin: Before you can sell a coin, you need to know what coin you have. First, find the coin’s denomination, then note the date and mint mark. These pieces of information will be somewhere on the coin. You can then type them into an online search engine to figure out what coin you have.
  • Coin dealers and collectors may be able to help you, too: Take a clear photo of both sides of the coin and send it to coin collector groups online when you can’t bring the coin in person.
  • Note the coin’s condition: The condition of the coin affects value. Look over both sides of the coin again. Does it look dirty or scratched? The worse the damage is, the less value you’ll get for your coin. Also look for any printing errors, since these often increase the value.
www Oldcoinsellingbazaar com coins
www Oldcoinsellingbazaar com coins
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Look Up More Things

  • Coins are graded on a 70-point scale: Where 0 is “Poor” and 70 is “Mint Condition.” Coins rated “Good” or 6 are actually very worn, and ones rated “Fine” or 12-15 have a medium amount of wear.
  • Don’t attempt to clean the coin: Coins are historical artefacts and collectors like them natural. Cleaning can actually damage the coin further.
  • Look up the coin’s value: Once you know what coin you have, you can estimate how much it’s worth. There are plenty of sites online that maintain a list of current coin values. Another option is to go to your local bookstore and order The Official Red Book, an official and detailed guide to coin values.
  • Coins are listed at wholesale price: You may not get as much when you sell individual coins.
  • Monitor auctions to find out how much your coin is worth: More information on coin values can be found by searching recent sales. All sorts of coins pass through sites such as Heritage Auctions. Search for coins similar to the one you own to get a glimpse of how much others are paying for them.

FAQs on www Oldcoinsellingbazaar com coins

How do I sell my old Rs 5 note on Coinbazzar?

If you have Rs 5 notes with these features then you can sell them online on coinbazzar.com.

  • Register yourself as a seller.
  • Then upload the picture of your note on the platform.
  • Interested buyers will contact you after seeing your advertisement.
Old Coin (www Oldcoinsellingbazaar com coins)

How can I sell my coins fast?

  • CoinsForSale.com Only 5% to sell. No listing fee.
  • Heritage Auctions 10% fee. Consignment program.
  • Ebay 12.35% + $. 030 fee, plus listing fees. …
  • Apmex is Well known. But won’t pay until after you’ve shipped your coins.
  • Modern Coin Mart Won’t pay you until after you’ve sent them your coins.

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Which app is best to sell old coins?

Coinbazzar is India Best Numismatic App. Where you can buy and sell Coins, Bank Notes, Medals, and any Numismatic-related items also any antique items you have for sale. +Add Product & Show it to thousands of collectors. +Get Fast Payout.

Does RBI buy old coins?

Cautioning the general public “not to fall prey to fictitious offers of buying/ selling of old banknotes and coins,” the RBI said the central bank does not deal in such matters, and “never seeks charges/ commissions of any sort.”

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