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www Old coin-selling bazaar com India coins 786, Currencies with 786, 10 Rupees note with 786, FAQs

www Old coin-selling bazaar com India coins 786: If you are in possession of a note with the number 786 then you can sell it online on the Old coin-selling bazaar. The website is for the purpose of selling old notes and coins. You can register as a ‘Seller’ here. Take a clear picture of your memo and upload it to the website. The old coin-selling bazaar will then show your ad to those that are interested in purchasing ancient banknotes and coins that utilise this platform. People who want to purchase this historic note will now contact you.

In Hindi:

अगर आपके पास 786 नंबर वाला नोट है तो आप उसे पुराने सिक्के बेचने वाले बाजार में ऑनलाइन बेच सकते हैं। वेबसाइट पुराने नोट और सिक्के बेचने के उद्देश्य से है। आप यहां ‘विक्रेता’ के रूप में पंजीकरण कर सकते हैं। अपने मेमो की एक स्पष्ट तस्वीर लें और इसे वेबसाइट पर अपलोड करें। पुराना सिक्का बेचने वाला बाज़ार तब आपका विज्ञापन उन लोगों को दिखाएगा जो इस प्लेटफ़ॉर्म का उपयोग करने वाले प्राचीन बैंकनोट और सिक्के खरीदने में रुचि रखते हैं। जो लोग इस ऐतिहासिक नोट को खरीदना चाहते हैं, वे अब आपसे संपर्क करेंगे।

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Currency with 786

  • Rare currency notes and coins have always been objects of desire for those who collect them. Certain serial numbers, images, or even a flaw can make an ordinary coin or bill unique, increasing its value manifold. If you happen to have such an item in your possession, you could earn lakhs of rupees from something that has a face value of only a fraction of that amount.
  • One such attribute that collectors look for is the number ‘786’ in the serial number on currency notes. These three digits appearing in this specific order can appreciate the note’s value to as high as ₹3 lakh. The number 786 is considered auspicious among followers of Islam. Putting such a bill online for auction can get you thousands, or even lakhs, of rupees irrespective of the note’s actual value.
  • An easy way to do this is by putting such a note up for auction on Oldcoinsellingbazaar. The well-known e-commerce website, among other things, allows people to sell and purchase unique currency notes and coins. While there are other platforms too, and some even opt to advertise their rare notes on social media, Oldcoinsellingbazaar happens to be a preferred platform due to its legacy as a longstanding online marketplace.
www Old coin-selling bazaar com India coins 786
www Old coin-selling bazaar com India coins 786

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How to sell currencies with 786

People looking to sell their unique notes with 786 mentioned in the serial number can do so with a few easy steps. Here’s how:

  • Go to www.Oldcoinsellingbazaar.com.
  • Click on the registration tab on the homepage and register yourself as a seller.
  • Take a clear, good-quality picture of the note you intend to sell and upload it on the platform. Oldcoinsellingbazaar will show your listing to buyers on the lookout for such a note.

10 Rupee note with 786

  • The demand for old coins and notes has been increasing in the past few weeks. Collectors across India and other countries are paying hefty prices for old and rare coins and notes.
  • The rules of trading old coins and notes are simple – the more collectable the currency, the more money it fetches. In one such case, collectors who have old Rs 10 notes with 786 serial can make up to Rs 5 lakh online.
  • The RBI has stopped issuing old Rs 10 notes, due to which the demand for the currency is rising, especially in the online market. The old notes have now become really collectable.
  • Those who are in the possession of such notes can now earn a quick buck by selling the old Rs 10 note online. For selling it online, owners need to create an account on online classifieds platforms such as Quickr or Olx.
  • After creating their account, owners will have to create a listing on the online classifieds platform. They will need to upload clear photos of the note to make the listing look more genuine.
  • Once the listing is created, potential buyers will contact the collector, post which they can negotiate the deal on their own. However, it must be noted that sometimes fraudsters masquerade themselves as buyers and scam the collector of old notes using the UPI fraud.
  • Meanwhile, collectors can also sell other old notes and coins to make a fortune in a snap. Other collectors are now ready to shell out really handsome sums for the right coin or note. So, if you have other such currencies, it could be the right time to list them online.
How to sell Currencies with 786
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Exchange old Rs 2 coin, Rs 5 note for Rs 5 lakh, know the process here

  • Old coins and notes are now sold/auctioned on multiple online platforms like OLX, Quikr, Oldcoinsellingbazaar, IndiaMart, and Coinbazaar.
  • If you have a hobby of collecting old coins and notes then you have a good chance to earn lakhs of rupees by sitting at home.
  • Earlier people used to shell out thousands of rupees by selling old coins and notes but these days you can earn as much as Rs 5 lakhs by exchanging old coins and notes. The coin is of Rs 1, 2 and the note can be of Rs 5, Rs 10.
  • Some people have a hobby of collecting old coins or currency notes. The hobby of collecting coins is called Numismatics and the study and collection of currency notes are called Notaphily. The people who prefer to collect coins and notes do not mind spending a good amount of money to own rare notes and coins.
  • Old coins and notes are now sold/auctioned on multiple online platforms like OLX, Quikr, Oldcoinsellingbazaar, IndiaMart, and Coinbazaar.
  • IndiaMart, Coinbazaar and Quikr are for the Indian market only, while Olx and Oldcoinsellingbazaar get international audiences too.
  • As we know that Indian government discontinues the use of coins and notes at regular intervals and that’s why people spend a good amount of money buying old notes and coins.

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Coins and notes that are in high demand:

  • Rs 5 note which has a photo of a farmer driving a tractor and which has 786 printed.
  • 25 paise coins
  • Rs 2 coin circulated by the RBI in 1994, 1995, 1997 or 2000
  • Rs 2 old coins which were released minted in 1984
  • Re 1 coin of the British era printed in 1885

It is to be noted that coins and notes are valuable only if they have some quality like a special serial number or limited edition coins/notes or a special combination of the serial number, image, and signatory of the note.

www Old coin-selling bazaar com India coins 786
Coin with 786

How to sell coins/notes online?

  • Log on to the specific website
  • Register yourself as a seller
  • Upload a clear picture of the note/coin you want to sell.
  • Write the description as well as your location.
  • Quote your price.
  • Interested people will contact you. You can negotiate with them and sell the coin.
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FAQs on www Old coin-selling bazaar com India coins 786

What is the price of 786 notes in India?

According to media reports, special notes with a 786 serial number are selling for up to Rs 3 lakh

Is 786 a lucky number?

786 is considered a lucky or holy number. Especially, the significance of this number in Islam is above everything. The number is believed as a numeric form of the Arabic phrase “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim”, meaning, ‘In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

What can we do with the 786 notes?

An old note of the 786 series can get you up to Rs 3 lakh online. The number is considered lucky by Muslims and selling bills with that specific number can make you gain some moolah without actually doing much. So, if you are in possession of such a note, do not hesitate to put it up on Oldcoinsellingbazaar.

Old 786 Coin (www Old coin-selling bazaar com India coins 786)

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What is the meaning of 786 in Hinduism?

According to Hinduism 786 means “Trimurti” which represents Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Brahma is the most superior among Trimurti related to number 7. Lord Vishu “The Preserver” relates to number 6 and accordingly, number 6 denotes “the destroyer of evil and transformer” lord Shiva himself.

How can I check my Indian currency serial number?

The Reserve Bank of India at present issues fresh banknote packets containing one hundred (100) serially numbered banknotes. Each banknote bears a distinctive serial number along with a prefix. The prefix consists of the numeral and a letter/letters and is followed by a serial number

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